Minimalist Me

I was always a fan of minimalism. Probably because I cannot take too much detail at a time. I small things and straight lines. Geometry interests me in life.

Last year we had a contest in our office. We were all required to make abstract slides about ourselves, pool them and guess who is who. I made this slide using a minimalist layout. All black background, plain black and white photogaphs with light play making up for the detail, straight line layout in geometric symmetry and a plain geometric circle. Maybe I should not have embellished the circle with those little dashes. The circle represents my interest in photography and is meant to be view finder. But it looks more like a sniper rifle view finder than a camera viewfinder.


The pictures…the fire truck represents a water carrier or Aquarius, my sun sign. General Nathan Jessup (Jack Nicholson) is one of my egos especially in tight business situations.  Ian Anderson and his flamboyant flautist stance symmetrically opposite is my alter ego symmetrically opposite to my hard ass boss attitude – fun loving, maverick, flamboyant and almost child like. The lone walker on the rail road  is a giveaway. But it also stands for my current lonesome life. The pic in the middle is my gem….it is Ron Mueck’s minimalist sculpture called the Big Man. Look at that brooding big bald man. He is like me except that I am not bald. The lost in thought look alludes to my own broodings and The nudity refers to my insecurities that sometimes take me over.

The idea of abstract slides on self was not bad. We ended up with quite a few creative slides all done on powerpoint.  I think I should tag people on this. Let us see some more creative work.

Tagging: Nomad, The Smokin’ WDM2 and Vrij first.

Just use a normal single Powepoint slide, fill it with whatever you think depicts you (except your name, pic and other direct indicators), convert it into a Jpeg using Photoshop or any other photo editor and upload. I hope it is not much trouble 🙂


7 comments so far

  1. Sriram on

    Oh boy my first tag! Thanks!

  2. nomad on

    brilliant… would love to do it…

  3. nomad on

    Tag Done maalik !!

  4. Sridhar Joshi on

    Great work on the slide, Ranga….

  5. Vrij on

    Ranga.. Brilliant.

    Tag done!

  6. jane on

    wow 🙂 so darn creative man.. vey well-balanced, yet vulnerable:) lurvedddd it – totally 🙂
    the circle looks more a rifle view-finder, as ya’ve already observed, but the circle sums up sumthin else- it tells us that ya’re a well-rounded person- someone who likes to live like in the wholest way possible.. 🙂

    n the rail, well, as ya walk along, ya pass many slepprs- that’s how it is- tehre are many people who silently walk with you with ya every step 🙂

    like the person that you are 🙂

  7. Sriram on

    tag done. sir!

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