Oh Bengalora!

Just back from Bengaluru! I had been there for six days for my Base SAS Programmer training. For most of the Six days I sequestered myself in posh Indiranagar. The guest house and training institute are both here. I used to live not far off from this place in Jivan Beema Nagar 5 years ago. But I had a first hand experience of The Great Bengaluru Road Rage when I tried to visit my friend in Ramamurthy Nagar about 6 km away. It took me 2 hours to get back thanks to the traffic. It was already bad when I was around. It just went to dogs in these years. 

A word on the auto drivers! They are as mindless as their Chennai brethren when it comes to the ride. They are hell lot better off playing with dodge ’em cars than driving these unruly machines. Most of them plonked the meter for me.  Some demanded ridiculous money for even more ridiculously short distances. A few charged me just Rs 15 for 2 km (Chennai guys will ask your heart and kidney too for any distance).  But unlike anywhere else Bengaluru auto rickers throw an amazingly obnoxious attitude at passengers. 7 out of 10 you flag simply refuse to take you to the place you want to go. You would think that it is they who decide where you should go! Some do not even say no. They just drive off as if you do not exist! It would seem odd at first but this kind of rejection gets your nerve after some time. Makes you feel like yelling at the top of your voice! They really make you feel like a bad loser!  We Indians are all expect best customer service experience from any service provider and naturally extend the expectation to the auto rickshaws. But Bengaluru rickshaw drivers think they are not service providers. They are merely making you a favour! I thought this attitude  was an anomaly that started off with one and gradually caught on. But on second thoughts, it seems like a psyche that developed out of the constant road rage these people are subjected to on the roads of the city. Bangalore traffic drove me nuts in just two hours. Imagine living through it for 10 hours each day ! No wonder they reject you. It is not your face that puts them off but the traffic they have to weave through to get you where you want to go. Maybe this attitude is a rationalization to all that insanity these people are subjected to. In the end, they are indeed making you a favour. They are taking the road rage that would otherwise drive you crazy if you were to drive yourself! Bangalore desperately needs a traffic solution!


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  1. Vrij on

    Just come to Hyd and u’ll find urself venting out ur choicest abuses at the autowalas n the traffic in general!

  2. Sridhar Joshi on

    Remember what happened to us outside Hallimane? These scenes always repeat themselves, no matter where!

  3. Ranga on

    Of course do remember Hallimane. In fact that is where this write up germinated first. Vrij, I would rather not talk of Hyd traffic. It requires a totally different mindset!

  4. Sriram on

    Small as the city it is, autowallahs at TVC fortunately go by the meter. And no exorbitant prices… min fare: Rs 10/- and Rs 5 per km after the initial 1.5km.
    Neat? 🙂

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