Movie Minimalism

This week I continue with the theme of minimalsim.

A  seminal piece of minimalist piano composed by Michael Nyman for the 1997 movie Gattaca. The movie itself was shot using a minimalist theme of colour and screenplay. It steers clear of all the clutter and imagery associated with science fiction movies . The movie was shot  using modern day and even older buildings, high ceiling, white walls and motifs but with clever lighting using shades of radium green, test tubes and steel surfaces.  An example of this minimalist futuristic iconery is the double helix DNA stair cases in the apartment.

The music by Michael Nyman follows the theme and deliberately downplays itself like the characters and mood of the movie. The popular reviews have trashed the compositions of Nyman for the movie for they fail to accentuate the inherent suspense in the film’s plot but that is minimalism to you. A work stripped down to its most fundamental features; music with repetitive iterations and sparse simplicity.

The music and the art render temselves aptly to the theme of the movie that deals with a future of genetic discrimination in creating a society of two classes – the valids and invalids based on individual genotypes. The dystopic future scoeity  therefore is reduced to the function of four basic genes. The construction, repetition and iterations of these genes define ones place in society. Sparse and emotionless, the genes therefore represent a minimalist view of life on a larger scale. The music and visual themes seem to revolve around this very basic structure.


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