Redux – The Time Lost

Date: June 11, 2008

Age : 33

Relationship Status: Single (Again)

The most common question friends ask is was how I felt.

How does one feel – Bitter? Relieved? Happy? Poorer? Sad?

I felt indifferernt when the news reached me. Just another day in my life as it was expected.  Then I felt most of these. I am relieved that I do not have to go to court anymore. I am happy to come out of it without any alimony . I feel poorer, my lawyer feels richer. I am sad as I am alone.

All the bonhomie I received tell me I am supposed to feel great. It is bachelor redux. I can flirt, date and who knows…fall in love. Now everyone likes redux, gender notwithstanding. But what about the four years I lost. Yes that is what makes me bitter. Four years of nothing. Four years of waiting for a court to tell me I can go and play around. Those four years cannot be returned to me.  Those make the time lost watching others get married, enjoy marriage, have kids and make their life . I can never be 29 and eligible again. I am 33 and probably eligible. Still…a time to rejoice. Time to slim down, clean up the house and start all over again. Wish me.


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  1. Sridhar Joshi on

    Great, Ranga. Was a bit surprised you did not call me to break the news, but when I saw the time this blog was posted, the surprise was gone. Hopefully, you have also the certified copy in your hands.

    Now, take a small unencumbered break – try to start all over again, and this time, on your terms. Time is a great healer – and, not as you requested, but from the bottom of my heart – here’s wishing you all the best. Looking forward to wish you ‘both’ – it will be first time for me, the wishing, that is!

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