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Countdown: ‘Hindustan Ka Dil’

I have begun the countdown for my big August trip today.

August 13, 2008 I will be joining three others in touring the heart of India by road. More on this later. But for now here is a map of the tour.

The Sub Way

Day 15: 119.6

Jared Fogle lost 240 pounds living on 6 inch turkey subs at Subway. He walked as much as he could, rather than using transport, and would walk up the stairs rather than take an elevator. He also ate baked potato chips, which are offered at Subway, and drank diet soda! Now if you ask me that is one crazy diet plan!

I like to have the Subway salad once a while. Especially with corn and peas.  I like the way the cut their tomatoes and cucumber. I have noticed that a lot of people ask for the cucumber and tomatoes to be left out of their sandwiches though they demand a lot of olives, jalapenos and those awful sauces. Probably because they do not get to buy these for home often. I leave out the onion, jalapenos, olives and bell pepper, but I like the pickled gherkins.

But I can never live on a Subway diet though. It is too boring. Food should never be treated like a chore even if you are on a plan. On the contrary, food should be the most creative pursuit. Even though half of my experiments end up as disasters:-)

Here is my own salad  recipe:

Moong sprouts,

Diced cucumber,

Diced apple,

Pomegrante pearls,

Cherry tomatoes,

Black seedless grapes

Mix all of them on a bed of lettuce

Add salt, pepper, a dash of lemon juice and chaat masala!

Voila! You can refrigerate this and have it as TV snack whenever you want (leave the apple out if you wish to refrigerate or replace with diced pineapple).

Mega outlet

Just one of those things that greet you while you wait at a traffic signal 🙂

Ready to consume

Painters were dis-tempering my home and so no cooking today! I went to Spencer’s Daily looking for something to eat as lunch. Having sworn off high carbs, fats, fries and sugary stuff, I found it difficult to buy something I could eat away without cooking. There was absolutely no ready to eat option for the health/weight/carbs conscious! This is not just with Spencer’s. It is everywhere…probably all over India. Not even biscuits or crackers as all of them are rich in maida and sugar! Some even boldly scream butter/cashew/cheese!!!  I could buy those ANZAC oatmeal things and pretend it is not sweet but come on….I will be forced to buy only videshi food! Whatever happened to desi health food? I see Horlicks (reminded me of aise hi khata hoon!) and it is rich in sugar! All I can buy are fruits.  Guess what is the most fresh and edible one I find? Washington Apples (Imported)! Snacks counters had Haldiram in total domination and the package proudly proclaimed the calorie count. Or we have the locally made chips, puffs and fries! The eatery attached to the store only has oily pastries and samosas.

All fruit juices are carbo and sugar rich. The only ones boldly declaring no or low sugar or low-cal (The Diet brigade) are the ones by Coca Cola or Pepsico/Kraft or some other phoren  brand. Even the best quality of treated water is a videshi!

We are proud of Yoga and Ayurveda and cry out loud that neem tree patenting is our prerogative! But where is the desi (swadeshi!) health food? No wonder we top the bad ailments list as a nation!

In 1995 there were 20 million Indians suffering from diabetes. In 2025 it is projected to each 75 to 80 million. Unfortunately for me, Chennai is supposed to be the diabetes capital of India.  It is thanks to our growing prosperity that we no longer follow thrifty measures like  preparing food at home and increasingly consuming prepacked food more often than ever. Therefore we are big in hyper tension, diabetes and obesity! Our food shelves speak of it! The funny thing is, most of us do not seem to care. Fast food restaurants too keep sprouting because people continue to eat their unhealthy food.

Strange! In our nation malnutrition, deficiency,  bad nutrition and over-consumption all go hand in hand!

PS: I finally had a watermelon and sprouts!

By Cycle

Two human inventions I hold in high esteem : steam locomotive and bicycle. Both represent a peak of human achievement. Both of them are the most beautiful machines ever. I could not never get the first one. So I bought myself the other. A silver and yellow thing. Yellow (Maillot jaune) in the honour of Lance Armstrong. Of course, mine is a terrain bike and not a race bike, but what the heck. Bike is a bike.

The first day was torture. I could not pedal for more than 10 minutes. And whoever invented bicycle seats must have been a sadist! But now it is all right. Nothing equals the feeling of my heart pounding away after a hard bout of pedalling. I bought it for three reasons

1. Physical workout

2. Petrol prices and pollution

3. Bob Weir of the Grateful Dead: “Bicycles are almost as good as guitars for meeting girls”

Bicycle Quotes

  • When I see an adult on a bicycle, I do not despair for the future of the human race.  ~H.G. Wells
  • Bicycle is a curious vehicle. The passenger is the engine – John Howard. US Olympic cyclist
  • Get a bicycle. You will not regret it if you live. ~Mark Twain

Day 10: 120.6

No Easy Walk

Day 7: 120.8

This morning, I walked barely 400 metres from home into one of the bylanes only to find mounds of rotting garbage along the street…right in front of houses. For the third time this week, I found  more than 2 dead rats in the middle of the street. Big dead rats….probably crushed by a scooter! A little later,  I found a lot of crows haggling over something at the corner of the street. A dead kitten!!!! They crows were poking into the rotting flesh!!! That is when I threw up the bile.

It is not easy to walk in Chennai.

A Desire to Burn


Not too fat, Not too sedentary, Not too big muscled, Not run too fast too long . Not to rich, not too flashy, no statements. Just a flexible, all around healthy and balanced person.

Finally succumbed to the desire to burn. Burn it forever…anhillate the flab. Go down the scale.

Cut away all ‘dependencies’ and went decaff. Low on sugar. Low on salt. Less rice, more veggies. Microwave the oil away from the food!

No more petrol-guilt. The bike is confined to a corner. The rear tyre flattened to beat all urges. No more sedantary lifestyle. We have been pampered enough. We have demanded a lot but paying with our rapidly dying muscles.


Walk every day…for everything…walk to work, walk for pleasure and walk the talk. Kill Mr. Sedantary.

Put life into muscle.

Burn the flab.

Day 1: 122

The countdown to 90kg has started. It will take long. I will have to go long. I have the time. I will walk it.

Digging Off Beats

We are indeed a lucky generation. We can dig our past by pecking a few keys of a computer all the while sitting in our living room. I found a gem of this song right in eSnips! I watched this movie (Hip Hip Hurray) in 1984! It was probably the first ever sports movie in Hindi (was directed by Prakash Jha) based on a high school soccer team and its coach. This song was picturised on Raj Kiran (Mr Coach) while the titles were shown. Cool lyrics by Gulzar and voiced by Yesudas (music by Vanraj Bhatia).

Or click the link below

Ek Subah Ek Modh Par – Hip Hip Hurray 1984

Ek subah ek mod par main ne kaha use rok kar
 Haath badha ae zindagi, aankh milaakar baat kar
 Roz tere jeene ke liye
 Ek subah mujhe mil jaati hai
 Murajhaati koyi shaam agar to
 Raat koyi khil jaati hai
 Main roz subah tak aata huun
 Aur roz shuru karata hoon safar
 haath badha ae zindagi, aankh milaakar baat kar
 tere hazaaron cheharon mein
 ek chehra hai mujhase milata hai
 aankhon ka rang bhi ek sa hai
 aavaaz ka ang bhi milata hai
 sach puucho to ham do judava hain
 tu shaam meri main teri sahar
 haath badha ae zindagi, aankh milaakar baat kar

Dus Dus ki Daud

I am tagged on the run. With nothing much to do, I complete the tag:

10 things you do not know about me:

1. I am claustrophobic as well as scared of depths and snakes!

2. My ears are pierced

3. I barely passed 12th std maths exam. I still have dreams of sitting for the exam without preparation!

4. I almost became a trainee journalist with Economic Times. The stipend was not enough to sustain me in Bangalore and so I had to give it up.

5. I was slim and handsome once upon a time.

6. I get scared watching horror movies…shit scared watching them at night!

7. I was a Kishore Kumar fan first and then turned into a Mohammed Rafi fan.

8. I am peeved that my parents gave my elder brother a sexy name (Gautam) and me a regressive one (Ranganath!!!). But I like my surname Eunny.

9.  I do not have a four wheeler driving license

10. I used to be crazy about Madhuri Dixit’s navel!