Dus Dus ki Daud

I am tagged on the run. With nothing much to do, I complete the tag:

10 things you do not know about me:

1. I am claustrophobic as well as scared of depths and snakes!

2. My ears are pierced

3. I barely passed 12th std maths exam. I still have dreams of sitting for the exam without preparation!

4. I almost became a trainee journalist with Economic Times. The stipend was not enough to sustain me in Bangalore and so I had to give it up.

5. I was slim and handsome once upon a time.

6. I get scared watching horror movies…shit scared watching them at night!

7. I was a Kishore Kumar fan first and then turned into a Mohammed Rafi fan.

8. I am peeved that my parents gave my elder brother a sexy name (Gautam) and me a regressive one (Ranganath!!!). But I like my surname Eunny.

9.  I do not have a four wheeler driving license

10. I used to be crazy about Madhuri Dixit’s navel!


1 comment so far

  1. Rats on

    I like point number 5 🙂 and in point 8 am equally peeved 😉

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