A Desire to Burn


Not too fat, Not too sedentary, Not too big muscled, Not run too fast too long . Not to rich, not too flashy, no statements. Just a flexible, all around healthy and balanced person.

Finally succumbed to the desire to burn. Burn it forever…anhillate the flab. Go down the scale.

Cut away all ‘dependencies’ and went decaff. Low on sugar. Low on salt. Less rice, more veggies. Microwave the oil away from the food!

No more petrol-guilt. The bike is confined to a corner. The rear tyre flattened to beat all urges. No more sedantary lifestyle. We have been pampered enough. We have demanded a lot but paying with our rapidly dying muscles.


Walk every day…for everything…walk to work, walk for pleasure and walk the talk. Kill Mr. Sedantary.

Put life into muscle.

Burn the flab.

Day 1: 122

The countdown to 90kg has started. It will take long. I will have to go long. I have the time. I will walk it.


3 comments so far

  1. Vrij on

    Walk on tracks.. even more exhilarating!

  2. Anonymous on

    do you know what to expect by the tracks early in the morning???

  3. Sriram on

    Feuer Frei!

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