No Easy Walk

Day 7: 120.8

This morning, I walked barely 400 metres from home into one of the bylanes only to find mounds of rotting garbage along the street…right in front of houses. For the third time this week, I found  more than 2 dead rats in the middle of the street. Big dead rats….probably crushed by a scooter! A little later,  I found a lot of crows haggling over something at the corner of the street. A dead kitten!!!! They crows were poking into the rotting flesh!!! That is when I threw up the bile.

It is not easy to walk in Chennai.


2 comments so far

  1. Prasanna on

    now you know why people run all the way to the beach side! u too should try that…

  2. Vrij on

    U sure it wasn’t u who stomped onto those poor creatures?

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