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Painters were dis-tempering my home and so no cooking today! I went to Spencer’s Daily looking for something to eat as lunch. Having sworn off high carbs, fats, fries and sugary stuff, I found it difficult to buy something I could eat away without cooking. There was absolutely no ready to eat option for the health/weight/carbs conscious! This is not just with Spencer’s. It is everywhere…probably all over India. Not even biscuits or crackers as all of them are rich in maida and sugar! Some even boldly scream butter/cashew/cheese!!!  I could buy those ANZAC oatmeal things and pretend it is not sweet but come on….I will be forced to buy only videshi food! Whatever happened to desi health food? I see Horlicks (reminded me of aise hi khata hoon!) and it is rich in sugar! All I can buy are fruits.  Guess what is the most fresh and edible one I find? Washington Apples (Imported)! Snacks counters had Haldiram in total domination and the package proudly proclaimed the calorie count. Or we have the locally made chips, puffs and fries! The eatery attached to the store only has oily pastries and samosas.

All fruit juices are carbo and sugar rich. The only ones boldly declaring no or low sugar or low-cal (The Diet brigade) are the ones by Coca Cola or Pepsico/Kraft or some other phoren  brand. Even the best quality of treated water is a videshi!

We are proud of Yoga and Ayurveda and cry out loud that neem tree patenting is our prerogative! But where is the desi (swadeshi!) health food? No wonder we top the bad ailments list as a nation!

In 1995 there were 20 million Indians suffering from diabetes. In 2025 it is projected to each 75 to 80 million. Unfortunately for me, Chennai is supposed to be the diabetes capital of India.  It is thanks to our growing prosperity that we no longer follow thrifty measures like  preparing food at home and increasingly consuming prepacked food more often than ever. Therefore we are big in hyper tension, diabetes and obesity! Our food shelves speak of it! The funny thing is, most of us do not seem to care. Fast food restaurants too keep sprouting because people continue to eat their unhealthy food.

Strange! In our nation malnutrition, deficiency,  bad nutrition and over-consumption all go hand in hand!

PS: I finally had a watermelon and sprouts!


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  1. Vrij on

    Totally agree wid u.. there’s as big a divide in the nutrition levels of our country’s citizens as is the economic difference between me and the Ambanis.. we have a total divide where one group cannot gorge on anything exotic while the other cannot get a decent helping..

    And good to see u still stuck to the diet plans. I would recommend Oranges and cucumber to you. Both are excellent for ur health without really tipping the scales.

  2. solitaire on

    Are all those stats true? My my!!
    Good luck with your diet!

  3. Anonymous on

    One can never know if stats are true. But they are from the WHO

  4. Sridhar Joshi on

    Way to go! Tell me when you are done with this diet plan of yours – I plan to give you a biggggg treat at Ponnusamy or Metro Manor!

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