Consipracy theories

For all those channels that are throwing around the Pakistani angle with a claim of exclusivity, I have my own conspiracy theory.  It does not work out. Either I have been reading too many spy novels or the media (and probably the Government) are too naive but there are too many tell tale signs of faking.

Why did Ajmal Mohammad Amin Kasab allow himself to be captured? Fidayeens do not allow themselves to be captured.  Even if they are, they do not sing like a canary, eagerly dropping the name of Pakistan, the  Punjabi accent s easily giving them up as Pakistanis and references to training at the Mangla dam reservoir so eagerly. At least not so quickly!

What kind of a stupid briefing would these guys have received which did not tell them to dump all evidence about their origin before commencing the attack? This is S.O.P for any armed unit going into enemy territory. These guys come happily ashore carrying an entire clutter of electronics including a GPS that shows them leaving Karachi, Satellite phone in the boat,  SIM cards and mobile phones showing calls and contacts back to the LeT in Pakistan and Bangladesh, not to forget credit cards. To think that this Ajmal guy received instructions about changes in plan from his mission commander on a mobile phone is too unusual.  That too while carrying out his plan at CSTM? Why would they risk losing the mobile phone to the Indians unless they intended to do so?

The whole thing looks like a stupid, cheap red herring…all these evidences are deliberate plants to look like accidental discoveries. The guys were told to fight to death…but if captured, sing the song they were trained to sing.  All things are so easily leading to Pakistan and Bangladesh…as if some one out there deliberately wanted it.  

Ajmal reportedly had an answer to the query on their intention to retain the GPS and other communication stuff. Apparently they had planned to exit by the same route, i.e. by the sea after completing their mission. Now what kind of moron would expect to sail off uninterrupted after bumping off 5,000 civillians of a nation (the number of people Ajmal said they were to kill)? They should have known that it is a one way ticket and impossible to return.

I might be wrong eventually…but this easy peasy evidencing to Pakistan looks like someone planned it that way and we are falling for it. Someone wants  India and Pakistan to go into war? Who?


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  1. Sriram on

    Something i have been thinking of for a while too.. you echoed my thoughts. I mean, some things are too obviously a mislead.
    But I am not supporting anyone…

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