Once bitten never shy (and what is this about facebook?)

I have a problem. I stop doing what I do once I do what I want.

Blame the beetroots I have been eating but this has nothing to do with what I want to do here.

All I want to do is fill a void…left by what I stopped doing. So I am doing what I stopped doing again. What did I stop doing?

Who the fuck wants to know!

This blog has been having some traffic without even pretending to be going anywhere. Fair enough. If people have time for nothing during recession, this blog is better than Facebook and its pointless quizzes and pompous self approving sad-ass people telling the world what is on their mind, what they like and why they are doing what they are not doing actually. There is this author too amongst them.

I must have really cheesed off 85% of my friends in Facebook with that one (the other 15% were never there anyway). Its OK…I have lost friends before. I will write more…for all those schmucks who seem to float in and out wondering what kind of a moron maintains this site.

Well… this kind of a moron does. And he is back.

Facebook… fuck you  (until I come back to you)! All those who ‘voiced their pain’ over the change in Facebook layout ought to get a life! Also those who did not!


6 comments so far

  1. Vrij on

    Oh I simply love those quizzes… gives an idea how jobless people are!

  2. nomad on

    kya hua? why so pissed? someone nicked your ‘bird kya?

  3. reunny on

    @nomad: For a change…I wanted to be a bad-ass 🙂

  4. reunny on

    @Vrij: Precisely 🙂

  5. Sriram on

    hm… back?

  6. raghu on

    Wow..! someone has got a temper….!!

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