Random 10…

The Zero-man tagged me with a tenner: 1 to 10 – what do the numbers tell about me?

Here goes:

1 hour and 13 minutes past midnight many years ago. Nothing much happened. I was born.

2 minutes to decide on the house I purchased. Just opened the balcony door and I was sold!

3 shots of any liquor is enough to knock me out

4 cups of green tea  a day

5 years since I moved to Chennai from Bangalore…many people  thought I will not last 3 months!

6 bottles of cologne/deo in my cupboard…more to come

7  will be my name if I ever rename myself. No I am not on weed

8 minutes is the maximum I take to cook anything

9 days since I watched TV

10 kilos I lost just in March

Tagging the only Vrijilesh I know.


2 comments so far

  1. Vrij on

    You will not find another Vrijilesh on Mother Earth! I donno if u might on other planets, thats quite a possibility!

  2. Sriram on

    lol @ 2!

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